Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Long time.....

So much for posting on a regular basis... :-(  As typical, work and life got a little screwy so here it is the end of November and its the first time I'm posting in about a month!

Things have been VERY busy at work the past few weeks.  Additionally, Rich and I went on vacation last week, so we spent a lot of extra time at work to make sure we didn't get too far behind when coming back from vacation.

Just where did we go????  The BAHAMAS!  :-) 

We had a great time, despite getting sick the last day from the food.  The beach was absolutely fabulous and the drinks were plentiful.  You could pretty much get anything to drink (including alcohol based drinks) from 11am until 3am.  You could get yourself into a LOT of trouble.  The food wasn't great, despite the place being all-inclusive.  However, the convenience of having food and drink right there pretty much whenever you wanted it was good.  We spent pretty much every day from 9:30am until 5pm on the beach or in the ocean.  We made sure to use plenty of sunblock and sit under the umbrellas so we only got a little burned.  If I actually tanned instead of burned, I'd have a great tan...but I have fair skin that only wants to burn.

I'll have some pictures posted soon from the trip (mostly just pictures of the beach).  I also have some pictures of some quilty projects that I've been working on.