Monday, April 23, 2012

New Blog

Check out my new blog over at Upstate NY Creations.

I'm trying out a few things differently on that blog and it may become my primary blog going forward, so please update your links and follower status!  :-)


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Stashbusting 2012 - Week 11-15

I've been pretty busy the past few weeks with work, but I have been able to get some sewing done.  First though....we got a tractor! ;-)

We knew with getting the larger piece of property, we would need a larger piece of equipment to take care of it.  So we ended up getting a medium-sized Kubota tractor.  Right now it just has the front-loader on it, but eventually we will get a snow thrower for the back to clear the driveway and a back-hoe to dig some trenches on the property.  Here she is:

Already getting dirty and having rocks thrown in her. :-)

On the quilting front, I'm making progress on Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt Orca Bay.  Its not really a mystery at this point since she long ago finished hers, but it is still somewhat a mystery as to how all my colors will mix together in the quilt.  Here are some pictures of all the little bits and pieces...

 352 HSTs

 704 wing triangles to go onto the HSTs

All the parts from the previous steps

 I just liked how the stack of string triangles looked. ;-)

I also finished quilting Purple Squared a while ago, but have been bad at taking pictures of it.  Here it is all finished.  Its currently hanging on the railing in our foyer.

So in the past few weeks I've used up a bit of fabric, but I also had to buy 3 more FQs of purple to finish all the wing pieces.

Here are the numbers:
Added This Week:       0.75 yards
Added Year to Date:    12.77 yards
Used This Week:          2.62 yards
Used Year to Date:       9.96 yards
Net Year to Date:         2.80 yards

I'm in the red still by almost 3 yards....I'm hoping that will be fixed soon when I start working on the Lone Star wall hanging for our foyer.