2012 Quilting Goals/Projects

Now that we are moved into the new house, I'm hoping that 2012 will be a better year for completing projects.  In 2011, I didn't really get a lot of projects made due to time spent moving, planning the house, over-seeing building, etc.  I have a few UFOs that should be quick to finish once I get my quilting frame setup again, but I do have quite a few projects that I would definitely like to finish up this year.

  1. Purple Squared Quilt
    • This quilt is already pieced and a good portion of the quilting is done already.  Since this is a smaller quilt, I'm quilting it on my DSM versus the frame.  At this stage, I need to quilt the borders and then apply the binding.
    • 06MAR2012 Update - This quilt is now done!! :-)  I haven't taken a photo yet, but the quilt looks pretty good.  I think I may have to bring it into work so that I have a little bit of home here.
  2. Shine on Bayou Cane Quilt
    • This quilt is already pieced, but no quilting is done yet.  I already have backing material, so its ready to be loaded onto the quilt frame and quilted, then attaching the binding.
    •  22JAN2012 Update - Backing is washed and pressed.  This is ready to go onto the frame to get quilted.

  3. Beginner Sampler Quilt
    • This quilt is already pieced, but not quilting is done yet.  I have already layered the quilt and pin-basted it, so its ready for quilting.  I plan on quilting this on my DSM.
  4. Labyrinth Quilt
    • This quilt has the top pieced, but no quilting done yet.  I have to still pick out a backing for it, but once that happens, it will also go into the pile for the quilting frame. 
  5. Orca Bay Mystery Quilt
    • This is a mystery quilt that Bonnie Hunter is running in 2011.  I have step 1 almost done and would like to be able to make this entire quilt top and quilt it in 2012. 
    • 03JAN2012 Update - I have all 224 QST blocks made for step 1.  I also have about 32 string pieced blocks made for step 2 (out of 72) and 40 HST blocks made for step 3 (out of 350).  I'm going to have to force myself to set aside the string blocks for a little while so I can concentrate on getting Purple Squared quilted.

  6. Intermediate Sampler Quilt
    • I have 4 of 30 blocks made for this sampler quilt that I designed.  The hardest blocks are the first ones and then the piecing gets much simpler.  I'm hoping to get this pieced and quilted in 2012. 
  7. Scrap Quilt
    • This is a quilt made up of 2" (finished) squares that showcase all the fabrics that I've put into quilts so far.  I have about half of the blocks made and I hope to be able to piece this entire top in 2012.  Since it is a scrap quilt though, its my "leader-ender" project for my other sewing.  It will get worked on as I complete other projects. 
  8. Lone Star Wall Hanging
    • This quilt is a request from my husband.  He would like me to make a really large wall-hanging to put in our foyer.  I still have to design this quilt and then get fabric for it.
  9. Heat Wave Quilt
    •  This is a quilt from one of Judy Laquidara's books.  I bought the fabric a few years ago, and just haven't found the time to make the quilt.  This is definitely on my to-do list since technically all the fabric is in "the stash".
  10. Memories of Monet Quilt Kit
    •  This is a kit that I bought about 2 years ago.  The pattern is gorgeous, but again, I just haven't had the time to make it yet.  I would definitely like to get this one done, too.  
  11. Taos Quilt
    • I bought this pattern from Whirligig designs and its an awesome pattern.  I don't have fabric yet for it, so its at the bottom of the to-do list for 2012. 
  12. Ocean Waves Quilt
    • This quilt is also one that I haven't really designed or purchased fabric for yet.  I've always liked this pattern...simple yet beautiful.  This is another at the bottom of the list since if I don't get it made, its not a huge deal.