Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Early April Garden

Below are some pictures of our garden from the middle of April. To be exact, the pictures were taken on April 14th. As you can see, there's not much to the roses yet, but they are there and have started growing a tiny bit.

Next are some pictures of one of our front planting beds. You can just barely see one of our tall phlox plants (on the left) and the James Galway plants coming up. In this photo they are only about 2-3" tall. Now, nearly a month later, all the plants are up. The phlox is now about a foot tall and the James Galway are about 2 feet tall. The James Galway have tons of flower buds and they will probably start to bloom this weekend. YAY!

Notice the wonderful stone wall?? My husband built that himself with flat rock we got from a local garden center (we had to have a whole pallet delivered). He did an awesome job. In the rear of the picture you can see another planting bed. This year we plant to enclose that one with the same rock... once the garden center actually gets the rock in stock.

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