Friday, June 6, 2008

Little Bit of Quilting

Sadly, Wednesday evening is the last time I quilted on Quilt #6. We went out to dinner with some friends to celebrate a birthday and I was able to still get some quilting done that night (in between watching hockey of course). I finished up all the quilting on the main pattern of the quilt (the spiral in the middle). I still have to do the quilting for the borders, but at least the main pattern is done, which is the hardest to try and fit everything underneath the arm of my machine. I would love to have a long-arm quilting machine, but I don't have the space nor the money to get one.

Not much went on last night as my husband and I celebrated our 4th anniversary. We went to dinner at a nice Italian restaurant in downtown Schenectady. We've been there before and its a little "Mom & Pop" restaurant that has excellent Italian food. When we got home we oogled over the flowers for a while and then just became lazy and didn't want to do anything. :-) No sewing, no TV, but we did play a computer game for a while.

Anyway - more quilting will get done tonight as my husband is going indoor rock climbing with some friends (I'm WAY jealous!). I won't be going as I am still on the DL from foot surgery. Even though its been 4 months, I'm not allowed to "run, jump, or twist" on my foot until at least the end of August. Oh well - lots of quilting can get done. ;-)

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