Monday, June 9, 2008

More Quilting

Between Friday and Sunday evenings, I was able to finish all the quilting on baby quilt #6. It does look pretty neat with the quilting, even though the quilting is just straight lines. I've figured out how much binding I need and I just need to cut the strips and press them. (Once again one of the things I don't like doing.)

It was a pretty busy weekend as DH and I went to visit my parents. My mom has been meaning to plant some flowers that she got on Mother's Day and just hasn't had the time to do it because she and my dad have been helping one of my brothers put a new roof on his house. So while I was up visiting this weekend, we planted all her flowers, so now she can start enjoying her garden. It was wonderful spending some time with her getting in the dirt and planting the flowers. She really likes the flowers and even though she doesn't plan what flowers she wants and where she'll put them, they always end up looking nice because she has this montage of flowers everywhere. :-)

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