Monday, June 2, 2008

Multiple Quilts

I've gotten into the habit lately of checking up on other quilter's progress through their blogs (see the list of them on the side of my blog) and I'm always surprised by the number of quilts they have in progress. I think on average most of them have 4 or 5 quilts going at one time in different stages. They also are able to do a complete quilt top in a weekend.

Either they are incredibly fast sewers or they aren't doing anything else besides sewing! Not matter how much progress I wish I could make on a weekend, there always seems to be something coming up that prevents me from making the progress I would like to make.

I also read that a lot of them have UFO's (unfinished objects). Part of me thinks that this is because they have so many quilts going on a one time that there is a single one that they may not particularly like so they keep putting off that project. I've been trying to keep only one or two quilts going at one time simply so that I force myself to finish the current project before I start the next one.

Since I'm almost finished with the last baby quilt (at least the last one that we know of right now) I'm hoping I can at least get started on our quilt. I think if I can start cutting some of the fabric before I finish the last baby quilt, then I'll be able to continue sewing as soon as I have the baby quilt finished. We'll see how that goes though as I haven't done machine quilting in a while, so it could take some getting used to again.

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