Saturday, June 28, 2008

Triangles & Vacation

So I think I figured out the triangles. I think its just a case where I have to be EXTREMELY careful in cutting the small triangles in order for them to come out right. I also have to square-up all the blocks after the triangles are sewn.

All next week I am on VACATION from work!! Yay! I'm bound to get a bit of sewing down while on vacation. In fact, we're actually going out to my parents for a few days. Here's two pictures from the lake that they're on:

I told my mom that I would bring my sewing machine with me so that we could sew together. She's been trying to get some things made for my niece, Alannah, and I figured we could spent a few hours sewing together. Last night I was in a frenzy of cutting fabric so that I had stuff to sew while I'm there, which is how I know have all the strips cut for the blue/white four-blockers and all the white pieces cut for the 60-degree triangles and the center squares of my blocks. However, I was too tired to attempt to cut more 30-degree triangles.

Anyway - it may be a few days before I post again, so ...

Happy Quilting! ~Sarah

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