Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Family Stuff

So I don't have any pictures from my vacation last week and I've been EXTREMELY lazy and have no quilting pictures, but here's a picture of part of my Mom's garden from a few years ago. Just in front of all the flowers is a pond that we dug many years ago and has some gold fish in it. My Mom says that its good for fattening up the gold fish for the winter when they go back home to the tank. :-)

Here's one of my husband, Rich, doing what he does best. He loves being in the hammock there.

Here's one of my Grandmother from 5 years ago when she was 88! She's still kicking at 92 now although her eyesight and hearing are very poor now. She still enjoys seeing and visiting with everyone and she definitely still has her wits about her. I can only hope to live as long as she does!

And here she is.... My Mom! This picture was taken right after I took a picture of her bending over and my Dad was teasing her about a family trait. :-)

Don't worry Mom, I'll post a better picture of you next time and not the one where you're bending over! ;-)

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