Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Another Month Down....One To Go

Its very hard to believe that its December already. This past year has flown by, but it seems like that is happening more often these days. Where has the year gone???

November was a productive month...finished up a baby quilt, made a lot of progress on my needlepoint, almost finished a large quilt (Rainbow Skies...it has 1 side left to sew for binding) and did a lot of things around the house.

We're still looking for our next house even though our current house is off the market. If we see something we love, we'll put it back on in an instant and price it to sell, but at this point we haven't found that good house. It seems like builders increase the size of the house according to lot size. Just because we want more than an acre of land (preferrably 2-5 acres) doesn't mean that we want a house that 4000+ square feet! Its hard to find that combination around here. We can get a gorgeous 3000 sq ft house on 0.5 acre of land and have neighbors RIGHT there, but we don't want neighbors RIGHT there. We'll keep looking and we'll eventually find the house want...hopefully.

So in the next few weeks, along with the copious amount of Christmas shopping and preparing food for various get togethers, I have to finish up the binding on Rainbow Skies and wash it and I have to finish up the baby quilt that I just started. The baby is due in mid-January, but I'm hoping to get the majority of the quilt done this year so that after Christmas I can start making new quilts with the fabric I hope to get! :-) I also have fabric for four other quilts that I had planned to do this year, but never got a chance to start...so maybe if I make really good progress over the next few weeks I'll be able to delve into those piles too.

We did get the Christmas tree up this past weekend and once I dig the camera out from its hiding place, you'll get a nice picture of it. :-)

Before we know it...it will be 2010!

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YarnKettle said...

Our tree is still in the attic, I'm ashamed to say. Maybe on Sunday. Don't say that about 2010 coming in the blink of an eye. This whole year has gone by in a series of blinks that I would like to take some time to remember.