Thursday, February 25, 2010

Quilt Pictures!

FINALLY!  Some pictures!

I eventually got the camera software loaded back on the computer after a virus tried to eat it.  I took some pictures this past weekend of the quilts that I've been working on.  The first one is called "A Star is Born" and is a pattern by Tammy Tadd.  I did this quilt earlier this year in more muted tones for a baby girl.  This was originally intended for some friends of ours, but Rich thought that it was too "bold" for a kid's quilt.  So now its going to go up for sale.  I'm debating on whether to post it on Craig's List or on Etsy.  Craig's List is a little less secure, so I'm thinking Etsy might be better, but then I have to actually do some homework on how to list stuff. ;-)

Anyway - here's the pics of "A Star is Born".


And a close-up of the middle of the quilt....


And a close-up of one of the corners....


Since Rich didn't like the above quilt for our friends...I ended up designing a whole new quilt for them.  This quilt is all made using Moda Marbles, with the exception of the backing.  I really like how the blues and yellows came out pretty random.  I'm an random is not easy for me, but I liked how this came out.


I think the most surprising was how the back turned out.  I came up with the quilting pattern based on the design on the front of the quilt (if you click on the above picture, you should be able to see the quilting).  However, the pattern that emerged on the back is pretty cool...and totally unexpected.  I really like it though.  While these pictures show the quilt without binding, I was able to get the binding done in a few hours while watching the Olympics, so it just needs a washing before its ready to be wrapped for the recipient.


Now that I've gotten done with all the baby quilts for other people, I'm starting to work on quilts for us again.  I have one that is just a test quilt that I'm going to try to sell on Etsy.  I'm working on that one now and its coming along fairly decently.  I'm almost done with putting the top together, so you'll get some pictures once that is done.  Then I'm actually going to try to quilt it on the mid-arm machine that I have.  Scarey! ;-)

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