Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So after reading a friend's post about taking a trip to Harney & Sons, I couldn't help but think...I need to really replenish my tea collection.  Over the past few months, I'm managed to empty just about all of my tins with the exception of the caffeine free ones...which just don't cut it first thing in the morning.  All I have left is a tin of Fanciest Formosa Oolong, Boston, and about half a tin of Early Grey Supreme.  Now, if you order via the internet, Harney will send you tea bags, loose tin in small tins, or you can get the grand-daddy 1-pound pouch of loose tea.

Let me tell takes a long time to go through a pound of tea and when you like a wide variety of teas, one pound of each one will last a REALLY long time.  So I happened to send an email to Harney's to see what they would say to offering smaller quantities of loose tea without the tins.  Surprisingly, they said they are easily willing to do just takes a little longer for the order to be filled.  I'm fine with that!  The only thing you need to do is either be REALLY specific when ordering online...or just call them on the phone and order that way.  I think I found a new way to fulfill my tea fetish. :-)

I definitely plan to sift through all my empty tins and make a list of what I need to fill them back up.  I just have to make sure its not too expensive a shopping trip. ;-)  On that note though, R confessed earlier this week that it seems like his "pain threshold" for spending money is about $500.  Hmmm...$500 buys a lot of tea.  If he's not bothered by a purchase under $500...... .

Just I said...$500 of tea is A LOT OF TEA!  I don't think I could drink that much tea in the next decade.  I'll be floating if I tried to drink that much.

That's my little random thought for the of many of course. :-)

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YarnKettle said...

We dropped 1/5th of R's pain threshold limit. Well sort of D received a $25 gift certificate for Christmas. And we both drink it so it is used up faster. Happy teaing.
By the way that is useful info about them filling an order without the tins. Do they sell it at the bag cost?