Monday, May 3, 2010


Sunday was a pretty busy day for us.  R mowed the lawn while I was at the grocery store and then we both spent most of the morning tending to our flowers (fixing the obelisk, fertilizing flowers, watering roses, pulling weeds).  We managed to shower just before lunch and then in the afternoon, we took a ride up with R's sister, her husband and her daughter, Allie, to our "expensive pile of dirt" where we plant to build our house.

Before we went up there, we didn't know if we were riding with R's sister or not, so R put his wallet, keys and cell phone in his pants pockets.  We had a great time hiking around the property and got home all sweaty and icky again.  Off came the sticky clothes and thrown into a pile in the laundry room. 

Later in the evening, R wanted me to wash the pile of clothes just so they weren't sitting there.  Now...normally I search through R's pockets because who knows what I'll find in there, but this time I didn't because I saw him empty the pockets when we came home.  So everything went through the washer and then got put into the dryer.  We kept hearing this funny banging noise from the dryer, but just thought it was the waistband hitting the side of the dryer or something.

Well, just before bed, R decided to gather up all his stuff for the next morning.  All of a sudden he says "I think I know what that banging was"....sure enough, in the pants pocket was his car keys...with the little electronic key fob.  We pushed the little buttons...nothing from the car.  At least the key itself still works, but now we'll have to get a new key fob.  We even checked to see if we could get the battery out of it to see if it was just the battery, but we think the whole thing will need to be replaced.  Needless to say, R was in a bit of a foul mood after finding that out last night.  On the good side, he's going to the dealer today to get his snow tires taken off, so hopefully they'll be able to replace it and it won't be too expensive.

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