Friday, October 8, 2010

It's Happening.....!

After the abysmal attempts to sell our house with real estate agents, Rich and I put the house up for sale ourselves.  A few weeks ago we got a call that someone was interested in the house.  We did a showing for that person, and they came back with an offer.  We weren't happen with the offer, so we countered and they said they had to think about it.  On Wednesday, they called us back and gave us a better offer...


So we are closing the deal on the house on October 21st.  A little too soon for us to move out you think?  :-)  The new owners are going to rent us the house until May of next year, which is when our new home is supposed to be done.

We won't have to move out of our current house at all before moving into the next house, which is WAY more convenient.  All in all, we're pretty darn lucky.  The people came up a bit in price, not quite as much as we would have liked, but with the ability to rent the house until our new house is was too good to pass up.

Keep your fingers crossed that all the final paperwork goes through properly. :-)

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YarnKettle said...

Wow that is great! I hope it all works out!