Thursday, February 10, 2011


We were able to have the garage door people come out to the house on Wednesday to take a look at the garage.  Rich said it took the guy a whole of 10 minutes to fix the garage door and it works like a charm now.  The only reason the guy thought that the door would have come down would be because the little "eyes" were set really low to the ground.  So if you're shorter than a cat, don't walk under our door closing or it won't see you. ;-)

The good news is that its fixed and it didn't take much to get it fixed, just a lot of hassle on Rich's part with having to call them and setup the appointment.

We plan on having Rich's car fixed sometime in the next few weeks.  The only reason we don't know exactly when is because the turbo engine on the car has been acting up.  Instead of smooth acceleration, it kind of jumps and as Rich puts it "the engine can't get out of its own way".  The first time we took it to the garage, they couldn't duplicate the problem so they sent us home.  It started doing it more and more often, so we took the car back.

The good news is...the could duplicate the problem.  The bad news is that they have no idea what's causing it.  They've called corporate Subaru to see if they know what it could be or how to diagnose it.  Thankfully, the car is still under warranty.  Plus, because we paid extra for the service warranty, they give us a loaner car to use throughout the time they have the car.  A few weeks ago we were thinking that it was a waste of money for the service package, but now we're definitely glad we bought it.  Ultimately, the car is under warranty so they need to fix it...or at least do something about it.  Its frustrating right now because we're making payments on a car that we aren't able to drive because its broken.  Also, at some point, probably about a 1-1.5 weeks from now, if the car isn't fixed we'll have to have a "no-so-nice" conversation with them regarding the car.  If they can't fix it in under 2 weeks, then there's something really serious wrong with the car and its not worth the $25k we paid for it.

On the quilty front, tonight I find out if the sewing center has fixed my sewing machine.  Its been skipping stitches with the BSR foot, but they haven't been able to duplicate it.  They claim that they haven't had anyone with these problems on the 440QE, just on the 830.  When I talked to corporate Bernina though, they say the problem is common to the BSR foot and not just to the 830 model.  So I'm going to have to try to convince the sewing center to put the stronger spring on my machine anyway and check one of the clearances that the corporate tech told me about.

Other news.....

I've been feeling like I have a cold for about the past 3 or 4 months.  While at first I thought it was just a cold, at this point, I'm sick and tired of it hanging around.  I've also had a lot of problems with fatigue over the past few months.  I'm typically the type of person that when I get home from work, I don't think twice about going around doing things or doing sewing in the evenings.  The past few months, I've been lucky if I get dinner on the table before I fall asleep at night.  I've been completely exhausted.

So I went to the doctor's yesterday.  He thinks I may have a little bit of strep throat and a minor sinus infection.  He also thinks that I may have developed indoor allergies (dust, etc) and that may be causing me to not feel well.  However, he didn't like the fact that I was so fatigued.  Even with the minor infections and possible allergies, I shouldn't be this tired all the time.  So this morning I had to go and have a bunch of blood drawn (2 big tubes, 2 medium tubes and 2 small tubes -- a lot for someone who doesn't like needles).  He's testing for thyroid problems, diabetes, kidney problems, lupus, celiak's and mono.  Its basically to hopefully rule out a bunch of things by some relatively simple blood tests.

A large part of me is hoping everything comes back negative, but a small part says that if those all come back negative...what's making me so tired.  If its not something physically wrong (like mono or thyroid), then it could very well be that I'm working too hard (at least that's what the doctor said).  He sees lots of people from my place of work and he says that we all have similar problems: over-stressed and over-worked....and bad insurance.  I just hope we figure out what it is so that I can move on and not be so exhausted all the time.

It will probably be a week before I find out, but in the meantime I'm back on allergy meds and I'm on antibiotics to take care of the sinus infection and possible strep.

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