Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Earlier this summer, I ended up breaking a bone in my right foot. I broke the same bone about 10 years ago. Similar to 10 years ago, I twisted my ankle pretty badly (this time while hiking) and while I hoped that I had just twisted it, two weeks later when it still hurt I found out that the bone was broken. I was put into a cast for 4 weeks and then into a walking boot for another 4 weeks. After the cast was taken off, my foot swelled like crazy and I had to go for physical therapy for 3.5 weeks to get rid of the swelling and pain.

It had been feeling pretty good for a few weeks and during that time I had slowly transitioned from wearing sneakers to shoes and things seemed fine. However, after two weeks my foot started feelign sore again and causing me to limp. I finally got the nerve to call the doctor and steup an appointment. After waiting 35 minutes in the exam room, the doctor flew in, spent about 5 minutes with me, tole me to get some arch supports and left. In the 5 minutes, he said that if the arch supports don't work then there are two paths we can take. One is to try immobilizing my foot again with a cast or surgery to remove the bone.

On one hand, I'm glad he's trying the non-invasive route first, but at this point I just wish I had done the srugery 4 months ago. I looked online ( and found my exact problem and how it can be fixed. Recovery ranges from 6 weeks to 3 months, so if it had just been done I would be completely healed by now. At this point after being in pain for 4.5 months, I'm ready to do just about anything. Hopefully things will go quickly and it will finally be fixed soon.

On a good note, I have finished my second to last final exam that I will ever have to take. I have one final left next week before I am completely done with my Masters degree. I'm not so much excited to be done, but more relieved. It will be good to be done. Its been a long haul and I give kudos to everyone out there that have gotten any sort of degree while working. Congrats!!

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