Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Doctors & Marketing

After spending an hour getting fitted for $20 arch supports, I've come to the conclusion that doctors really shouldn't own their own businesses. The "doctor" I went to today tried to convince me that I needed a new pair of $200 sneakers for walking around outside, $200 of "Forrest Gump" shoes that look bigger than my safety shoes, and $200 sandles for walking around the house. My orthopedist wanted me to get $20 arch supports to see if it helps alleviate some of the pain I'm having in my arch. I told this other doctor this about 4 times, obviously without making much of an impact.

At the outset of the appointment, the doctor asked me if my insurance covered orthotics. Thankfully I had called my insurance company yesterday and determined that in my case they do because its related to me breaking my foot. Unfortunately, I told the doctor today that in my case all of it would be covered 100%. After that point, he put me through every analysis, tried to get me to buy $600 of shoes that I don't need and tried to sell me on a custom made orthotic. Doctors should stick to being doctors and actually listen to their patients instead of trying to sell them things they don't need just because the insurance company would pay for it.

Today's "experience" doesn't instill me with any more confidence about doctors, but I guess they are just like every other big business even though they aren't big. If you can make a buck and screw the little guy, they'll try and do it.

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