Monday, December 3, 2007

"Tea Runs"

So this past weekend, a friend and I finally made our necessary fall tea run. We had put it off for a few months due to my being in school and her having oral surgery, but we finally made it on Saturday.

Our absolute favorite store is located in Millerton, NY and its called Harney & Sons ( They have truly awesome tea and have a great tasting room. In their tasting room, you can taste just about any of the teas before you actually buy it. I'm told they used to do unlimited tasting, but now they try to limit you to two different teas which I don't really blame them as I could spend all day tasting teas. Although, with the amount of refills my friend and I had, they probably would have let us taste tea all day.

Anyway we had an awesome day of tea tasting, and buying of course. I ended up with three or four new teas (I must say the 1st Flush Darjeeling is excellent) and a new teapot. :-)

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