Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Finally! I am done with all of my graduate classes and I will never have to go to school again. Its been a long two years since I started taking classes for my Masters degree. For once I am actually doing a first for my family. With 5 siblings, its hard to be the first one to do something, especially when you are number 5 out of 6 children. But I am the first one to get an advanced degree. Wa-hoo!!

When I got home from my last final last night, my husband surprised me with two bags of Lindt dark chocolate (YUM!) and two dozen roses (one for each month of being in school). He also wrote me an extremely nice note about how proud he is of me for actually finishing it. When he finished his Masters degree, his company was forcing him to do it, so he completely understands and is incredibly proud that I made the choice myself to go back to school and I stuck with it to the end.

Throughout the past two years, he has stuck with me through thick and thin. He's supported me and encouraged me to keep going even when I wanted to quit. I can't thank him enough for giving me the courage to stick with it.

Most of all....


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teletypeturtle said...

congratulations and happy thanksgiving :-)