Thursday, January 3, 2008

Back from Vacation

Now that the craziness of Christmas is over, I actually have some time to breathe. My husband and I got back from vacation earlier this week after spending 5 days in warm, sunny Florida. The entire time we were there, the temperatures were between 80 and 85. It was awesome! We also got to see the Philadelphia Flyers play against the Tampa Bay Lightning. It was a pretty good good with a good fist fight only a few minutes into the game. :-)

Unfortunately, I did end up getting sick the day we left Florida. I'm glad that I'm sick now versus being sick while in Florida, but I would much rather not be sick at all.

Before going to Florida, I did get a chance to get some fabric for the quilt top for our bed. The fabrics are absolutely gorgeous, and when I get a chance I will post a picture of the fabrics on here. I also got most of the bindings sewn onto my sister-in-law's baby quilts, so those are almost done. Now I just have to wash more fabric and cut it so I can start the next baby quilts.

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