Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Last week, my minor cold ended up being a royal pain in the butt and turned into a significant cold. I ended up going into work for half a day last Thursday and took the afternoon and Friday off because I was sick as can be. I'm still not up to par, but at least I don't have to take cold medicine 24/7 (I just have to take once a day to keep my symptoms at bay).

I did get around to finally starting to cut the fabric I need for one of the baby quilts I am making for my husband's co-worker. His co-worker is actually having twin girls, so I have to make two quilts. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures to post yet. I have lots of pictures taken, but the camera isn't currently hooked up to the computer so I have to figure out how to get the pictures off the camera.

Just before Christmas, my husband and I got a GPS (we ended up with a TomTom) which is the best thing to have. We used it extensively on our trip to Florida and we didn't get lost at all. So instead of the digital camera being hooked up to the computer, the GPS is now hooked up which is why I don't have any pictures. I'm hoping to try and get the pictures off the camera tonight, but it may take a little convincing to get my husband to crawl under the desk and hook up the correct cables.

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