Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Weird Things

Last night, my husband and I decided to go out to dinner at the local Macaroni Grill (thanks, Laura & Larry) because neither of us really felt like cooking and we wanted to go to the bookstore afterwards to return/exchange a few books. While we were sitting eating our appetizer, I happen to notice that there were a lot of same-sex couples coming into the restaurant. I mentioned it to my husband and he asked how I knew that they were couples and not just friends, and I replied that "friends" do not make out at the reservation desk.

This led to a funny little story that my husband's co-worker had told him earlier in the day. My husband's co-worker and his wife are expecting twins this spring and had their first Birthing class earlier this week. Sitting around the room were lots of pregnant women and their spouses, sisters, mothers...basically their "support" people. One couple came in and everyone assumed the two were sisters because they both looked exactly the same and were "incredibly hot" according to my husband's co-worker. At one point, everyone had to give a little speach about who was with them, what they did, etc. of which everyone basically slept through other people's speaches. When it came to the two women's turns, the pregnant one stood up and said her name and then said that she and her partner were really excited to have be having the baby. As soon as she said "partner" everyone's undivided attention was on these two women. At the end of it, my husband's co-worker said to his wife, "Its unfair. Why do all the hot ones have to be lesbians?"

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laura said...

lol funny. ;) Laura
glad you had a nice dinner.