Thursday, January 10, 2008

My cat... the world traveler

Since my husband and I moved into our house two years ago, my cat, Ellie, has absolutely loved it. She has lots of "channels" to watch during the day while we're at work, which keeps her from getting bored and chewing wires. We've figured out there are four different channels that she likes to watch. There are:
  • The Foyer channel where she can see all sorts of activity directly in front of our house.
  • The Library channel where she sits on the windowsill (usually in the sun) in the front room of our house and can really see lots of activity up and down the street.
  • The Kitchen channel where she can check out our backyard and the neighbors' house. She's actually a very, nosy kitty and likes to stare at the neighbors.
  • The Upstairs channel, which we think is her favorite, lets our cat sit in the sun for 90% of the day and she can view all cars coming into the neighborhood. She is also eye-level with a bunch of trees so she can bird watch all day.

Aside from watching TV, Ellie is a world-class traveler. She has visited more places than I have even and she doesn't even need a passport. On a daily basis, she can visit the "Antarctic", the "rainforest", the "Sahara", and "Florida". Once in a while she visits the "Salt Flats". These need a little explanation, so here goes:

  • "Antartic" - my husband loves to keep our house cool, so just about any room besides our bedroom and the bedroom upstairs (which has full sun all day) is freezing cold. Ellie spends as little time as possible in the "Antartic".
  • "rainforest" - this is essentially our bathroom in the morning. The fan doesn't do a great job exhausting so we have plenty of humid atmosphere in the bathroom when we shower in the morning.
  • "Salt Flats" - this is our basement. The few times Ellie goes down there, she no longer is a black cat. She becomes a gray cat from all the concrete dust.
  • "Sahara" - this is her litter box...enough said.
  • "Florida" - Ellie loves the warmth and in our bedroom we have one heat register that dumps out a lot of warm air and during the cooler winter months, we can always find Ellie snuggled up next to the heat register soaking up all the warm air. I think this is her favorite place to visit.

Besides those places, around Christmas Ellie is able to visit the "Canadian forests" by hanging out under our Christmas Tree.

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