Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Kitty On the Mend

Last Thursday I had to take my cat, Ellie, to the vet for a checkup and for them to check one of her canine teeth. We had noticed a few months ago that the very tip of the tooth was stick out from under her lip a little, but we assumed it was just the way her lip was at the time. Two weekends ago, I noticed the tooth was sticking out even more and when I touch it (because it looked weird) it actually moved! Off to the vet!

Within 15 minutes of seeing her, the vet decided that the tooth had to come out right away. They put her into surgery right away to remove the tooth. Since they had her under anyway, we had the vet clean her teeth. The vet was actually really surprised that we had noticed the loose tooth because cats hide that sort of thing very well. Most cats have lots of cavities and they just chew around them and put up with the pain. When they cleaned her teeth, surprisingly only one other tooth really needed cleaning. All the rest were really clean. So now we have a liquid antibiotic to squeeze down her throat twice a day (it started as pills that we couldn't get down her, so we switched to liquid). Thankfully she's starting to feel better, although she is still "velcro kitty".

The oddest thing was looking at the bill...$350! The amount wasn't really weird, but the weird thing is that its cheaper to have a tooth yanked out than to actually clean them. Doesn't that send the wrong message? For someone who cares about the money more than the pet, they'd sooner leave the teeth along and then just yank them out instead of cleaning them!

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