Monday, March 10, 2008

Not That I'm Counting...

I officially only have 9 days left in the cast at this point. It will definitely be good to get rid of the cast. I'm really hoping that the doctor will take the cast off and give me a walking boot to get around in for a while. It seems somewhat odd because earlier this summer I would have done anything to get rid of the walking boot. However, after being on crutches for the past 5 weeks, I'm tired of it and I want to walk again. I'm trying very hard to stay positive about all of it at this point, but its starting to wear on me. I've been doing well by looking forward to things that I want to be able to do, but after this past weekend its been difficult.

We went to look at a dog on Sunday. She's a 7-year old german shepherd named Sasha. She was the sweetest thing. She was very well behaved and behaved exactly like a shepherd should. When we first met her, she was slightly aloof, but as soon as her foster shook our hands and told her it was alright she came right over to us to smell our hands. She was even willing to play with us and come to us without any problems. After being with her foster for 2 weeks, she clearly saw him as her buddy and wanted to be with him. My husband took her for a short walk and she didn't pull except to try and get to her foster, but she didn't pull a huge amount. She also knows all her basic commands, which was really unexpected. My husband asked her to sit without expecting her to actually do it, and she just did it.

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