Thursday, June 26, 2008

Blog Changes

So I don't know if people have noticed, but I've added a few progress bars to various parts of my blog. Right on the top there's one for the number of hours (estimated of course) I've spent sewing on my new sewing machine. I set the 500 hour mark as just a milestone, although I'm thinking maybe I should lower it to just 100. :-) Then I'll see more progress. Hahaha!

I also added two progress bars on the right side of the blog for the number of 12" blocks I need to make for Quilt #7 and the amount of hand stitching I have left on Quilt #6. Last night, in only 20 minutes I was able to sew about 16" of binding.

I didn't get much else done last night in terms of quilting. It was my sister-in-law's and her husband's anniversary (the couple that just had the baby), so Rich and I went up to visit them for a little while. It ended up being about an hour that we were up there, but it was good visiting with them.

When I did come back home, I finished cutting the blue and white strips that I sewed the night before so that I can sew them again into four-blockers. I do have to press them first though. Tonight I'm hoping to get some more hand stitching done and then start sewing my triangles while I'm awake. :-)

Happy Quilting! Sarah

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