Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Quilting Progress

I was able to find some time tonight to not only hand sew part of the binding on baby quilt #6, but I was also able to zig-zag stitch around some fat quarters (so they won't unravel during washing) and I sewed 13 strips of blue and white fabric together. The blue and white strips were 2.5" wide and will eventually make checkered blue and white blocks that are 4.5 x 4.5 (unfinished).

Sometimes I'm amazed at how much I can get done in only two hours in the evening. After coming home from working 9 hours, somehow I find the energy to trim our flowers, help Rich (DH) build concrete test specimens for a materials camp we volunteer for, make dinner, clean up after dinner AND get sewing done. No wonder I'm always tired. :-) The sewing is definitely worth it and unfortunately, everything will catch up to me and I won't sew for a few days or I'll do cross-stitch instead of machine sewing.

I think what I like best about doing the hand sewing of the binding is that its pretty much brainless. You just sit there and stitch away and there's no pattern to follow, no set rules, and you don't really have to pay that much attention to what you're doing. Its a nice break sometimes from trying to keep that 1/4" seam and trying to follow the gazillion characters that make up a cross-stitch pattern.

Anyway - hope everyone had a good evening and...

Happy Quilting!

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