Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More Quilting Finished

Yay! I now have 24 of the 48 blocks needed for our quilt. I have all of the blue/white checkered squares made, all the white center blocks and big triangles cut, and I just need to finish cutting the red triangles (which a major pain in the butt!). It feels good to see the quilt starting to come together after the fabric has been sitting in the closet for the past few months.

I bought the fabric late last year and I've FINALLY finished all the baby quilts so that I can start making our quilt. Although, I did find out yesterday that one of our neighbors is expecting a child, so I'll be making another baby quilt for them, but they don't know that yet. :-)

I even got a ton of stuff done today when I got done with work. I dropped off my husband's shirts to the dry cleaners (even though its a shorter drive for him to go there after work, I still do it), mowed about 1/3 of the lawn (I can only do the flat part for now), trimmed all our flowers, made broiled chicken for dinner, squeezed in 1/2 hour of needlepoint AND finished sewing the remaining 8 blocks I needed to get to 24 finished blocks. Whew! Now I just have to get ready for another exciting day of ANSYS training tomorrow.

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