Friday, August 1, 2008

August To-Do List

A good way to start out the month is to figure out exactly what I would like to accomplish this month. In July, I was able to accomplish more than what I had originally set out to do in terms of quilting and sewing, so I'm going to see if I can get a bit more done in the month of August. I almost feel like if I put this stuff online, then others see it and then I have to get it done. At least it seems like a decent motivator. :-)

So here goes....

1. Complete 15 hours of needlepoint.
2. Wash, press and cut the material for another baby quilt.
3. Sew all the pieces for the baby quilt.
4. Pin the layers together and do the quilting on the baby quilt.
5. Sew the binding onto the baby quilt.
6. Attach the green borders onto all 35 blocks for our quilt.
7. Plan a baby quilt with my extra pieces from previous baby quilts.
8. Make a preemie baby quilt to donate (16-18" square).
9. Cut 1 yard lengths of fabric for our quilt border and press.
10. Test out putting together the curling ribbon border with scraps.

What are on your to-do lists for August?

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