Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Funny Story... Sort of

Friday evening I was able to put together the remaining blocks for our quilt. So I started thinking about the sashings and all of a sudden I got nervous because I couldn't remember how I had designed the sashings. So I dug out all my pattern info and realized that somehow I got the number 48 stuck in my head for the number of blocks I needed. Somewhere I had written down 8 x 4 was 48 (yeah for the 5th grade math going wrong). But thankfully, I did make 48 instead of 32 because I had changed the design a little bit and I really needed 35 blocks! At least I was off in the right direction!

Anyway - I got a few of the sashing strips cut and sewed one set onto a block last night just to see how it would turn out. I thought it came out really well. The picture doesn't show the green border very well, but in real life it does stand out and you can notice it. Once I have the creamy white between the blocks, it will really pop!

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