Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Not Much Quilting :-(

There hasn't been much quilting happening lately. I think I lost a little bit of my "quilting drive" when I was trying to decide what to do with the baby quilt. I've decided that I'm just going to leave the borders as they are (mostly because I really don't want to have to rip out all those seams) and I'm just going to make the quilting on the borders a lot denser than the middle of the quilt so that it shows up more. I need to test out using the yellow thread in the bobbin and a red thread on the top. I think it might look good, but I want to make sure the red isn't going to show through on the back.

I've gotten some more done on our large quilt, though. I have white sashings sewn around almost all of the blocks and I just need to finish up sewing the blocks into rows and then sew the rows together. I have two rows completely done, but I haven't bothered to take a picture of them yet.

We've had a busy week with my in-laws getting a new puppy (we went to visit them after work the first two days they had the new puppy), then on the weekend we celebrated my father-in-law's birthday. On Sunday we did have a little bit of unwanted excitement though. Some kids decided that our obelisk (similar to a trellis) that supports our climbing rose shouldn't be in the rose garden anymore. They also beat on our mailbox a little. We called the police to at least report the problem and they told us that about 6 other houses further up the road had their mailboxes damaged. We had the most damage by far with the obelisk having the top broken off, a leg broken, and some of the branches on the plant broken. The kids would have had to really work to get the obelisk out as we had buried the legs about 8 inches in the ground.

We're rather annoyed, but the most annoying part is that some woman from one of the first houses hit, heard the kids, saw them causing trouble, and didn't bother to call the police! If she had just called, she probably would have prevent 90% of the damage! GRRR!! So now we have to glue the obelisk to fix the leg, add a support behind it so that it will support the weight, and find a new top. Then we have to paint the whole thing again... which I just put a fresh coat on it earlier this summer. Oh well, at least the kids didn't do any real damage that couldn't be fixed.

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