Monday, October 20, 2008

No Pictures, but Quilting Progress

I don't have any pictures to share, but not because I haven't been doing quilting! I've just been too busy to pull out the camera and take some photos.

I've made a lot of progress on our quilt (quilt #7) and the borders are completely done. I just have to make sure they're the right length and then add them to the quilt-top. The curling ribbons turned out really well. So well that I'm tempted to make an entire quilt top of them because they turned out so well. They weren't too difficult to make, although the quarter square triangles like to distort because they are cut on the bias.

I haven't made much progress on the other quilts though, nor on my needlepoint. I've been so tired lately that its hard to get motivated to do things in the evenings. I'm not sure if its the time of year (we lose all sunlight by about 7pm) or if its because I was sick a few weeks back and my body is still recovering.
I have lots of quilts planned at this point and I just need to find the time and the energy to do them. I think I'm just tired of working on this big quilt at this point. I've been working on it since March, so I'm ready for it to be done. It will be nice to work on some "smaller" quilts for a while. I also think I'm going to make a tea cozy and practice my free-motion quilting on it. I think it will be a good start for some free-motion quilting since at least its contained to a small area and I'm not trying to fight the weight of a full quilt.

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