Monday, January 5, 2009

Rock Climbing

I've gotten a few comments (make that two comments LOL) about my rock climbing habit. I haven't done rock climbing in a little while now after having surgery on my foot last year, but it is incredibly addicting! I only do indoor rock climbing where the safety ropes are tied off to the ceiling and someone else is holding the other end of the rope so if I lose my grip I don't go falling very far. The longest I've ever fallen is about 2 feet.

The first few times I went climbing I was pretty scared since I have a "thing" about heights. However, it is actually somewhat interesting because while you're climbing up you don't notice how high you are and since you don't actually have to climb down (the other person lowers you) you don't even have to look at the ground to see how high up you are. At first my goal was just to get to the top, but then I after a few times going I was able to actually follow a planned route up the wall.

If there's a place near you, I would definitely recommend trying it out. Its pretty liberating knowing that you can do it and its all very safe. Most places let you rent shoes and a harness so you don't even have to buy the equipment to try it. It does require some strength in the upper body, but if you try it a few times and just keep going, you build up the strength without having to do anything else (like lifting weights at a gym). Just enjoy doing it!

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