Friday, March 20, 2009

So WHAT have I been doing???

Over the past few weeks, my quilting progress has been limited by having to help Rich with projects around the house. Earlier this winter, we ordered a media bookcase from an online store in order to store some of Rich's books from when he was a kid. He's been collecting books from the Landmark series for quite a while now. The books are actually pretty good at teaching kids about history without being just a boring textbook that you would read in school.


We've also been working on the foyer that we painted more than a year ago. A while ago we bought crown molding to put up, but we picked out a pretty intricate pattern which took FOREVER to paint. We only have it tacked in place right now, but it looks pretty good!

Foyer 2

Foyer 1

I've also been growing a few plants in the kitchen to get some of the ready for putting outside. Soon the kitchen will be its own minor jungle!

Kitchen Plants

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