Thursday, March 19, 2009


I've been poor at blogging lately, but I think its mainly because I spend all day at the computer so I don't really want to spend time at night on the computer, too. I have been making progress on the quilts that I'm working on though.

  • #7 - "Fifty-Four Forty or Fight" - hand sewing of binding not started yet
  • #9 - "Garden Pleasures" - hand sewing of binding ~50% complete
  • #10 - "Irish Rails" - hand sewing of binding ~45% complete
  • #11 - "Rainbow 9-Patch" - top pieced, needs to be basted
  • #12 - "Charmed Baby" - quilting complete, needs to have binding added
  • #13 - Rainbow Quilt - fabric washed
  • #14 - "Heat Wave" - fabric washed
  • #15 - "Shine on Bayou Cane" - fabric washed
  • #16 - "Memories of Monet" - fabric arrived from quilt shop (shipped)

Phew... that's a lot of quilts in progress! I've been having to re-prioritize things based on my progress and the due dates. The receivers of quilts 9 and 10 don't know that thye are coming, so there really isn't any date except what's in my head. I had tried to get #10 done by St. Patrick's day...but you can see how well that worked out. ;-) I do need to get Quilt #12 done close to the end of the month since the baby is due on the 29th. However, this is the couple's first baby so I'm hoping it will come a little bit late.

Once I get the binding sewn onto the baby quilt, my machine is definitely headed into the quilt shop to get serviced. The shop I bought it from offers free servicing for 5 years, so I definitely need to take advantage of that! Plus, since I've made about 6 or 7 quilts in the past year, it makes sense to get it cleaned up and make sure everything is working well. I'm sure it probably needs a good cleaning in the areas where I can't get to.

Happy Quilting!

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