Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A long overdue update...

Its hard to believe its been almost a month since my last post. Our house is now officially on the market and we had an open house this past weekend. We had 6 different couples come to the house (7 counting one nosy set of neighbors) and while most of them liked the house but didn't seem overly interested, there was one older couple that stayed for a long time and seemed very interested in the house. Maybe we will get lucky and they will send us an offer.

In the meantime, here's some pictures of our roses. They have finally started blooming this year and hopefully some more will come out this week.




Here's also a picture of the planting bed at the front of the house. The phlox in the back are starting to get VERY tall, but no flowers yet. The only ones we have flowers on are some annuals and the painted daisies in the front. It will look really nice later this summer. I think this is one of the few things I will miss about this house. Rich built a wonderful stone wall by hand and the flowers are just spectacular. We're hoping we'll be able to make an even bigger planting bed at the next house and surround it with a similar stone wall.


On the "quilty" front, I have been doing some sewing, but not as much as I would like. With the house on the market, I have to pick up everything EVERY night and put it away and then take it out the next night if I want to sew. While it makes my sewing area very neat and organized, its not very conducive to sewing. ;-) However, I did get the binding finished on our quilt a few weeks ago and its been on our bed. The weather has been mostly cool, so its actually being used at night.



Hopefully I'll have some pictures this week of the quilt that I'm in the process of quilting. I'm doing a feathered wreath pattern in the setting blocks and its coming out pretty good.

Happy Quilting! ~Sarah

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