Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sweet Dreams Quilt

It seems odd to be posting twice in a few days when it had been a month since my previous post. Maybe things are settling down a little so that I feel like I have the time to post stuff. At least that's what I'm hoping. :-)

I finished the quilting on the center part of the Sweet Dreams quilt last night and tonight I just finished the quilting on the border. I had originally sketched some "swoops" in the border, but then decided I hated it. So I ended up using Power Point to create some stars and moons in the size I wanted, cut them out and traced them onto the quilt border at semi-equal intervals and just free-handed some loops between them. I'm completely surprised how appropriate it looks on the quilt...and how good (at least to me).

Here's some pictures of the quilting on the borders and a little bit on the edges of the center. Sorry about the colors being off a little...since its 9:45pm right now, there's absolutely no natural light so the flash was all I had. Once I get the binding made and onto the quilt, I'll be able to wash it so all the chalk marks come off. I ended up using a combination of Fons & Porters chalk pencils and some tailors chalk. I like the tailors chalk, but it doesn't keep a crisp line very long...and it doesn't show up on white. I'm going to have to experiment with some marking methods. Enjoy the pictures!





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