Sunday, February 7, 2010

Stash Busting 2010 - Week 6

I missed posting last week as it was a pretty busy Sunday for us.  Still no pictures. :-(  I really miss adding the pictures, but with working 50-60 hours a week at work I haven't had time to take any pictures.  I did get about 1/4 of the quilting done one Jacob's Ladder (baby quilt) and I got a lot of needlepoint sewing done this week.  Its been one of those things where things are so hectic at work that by the time I get home, I don't have the energy to do quilting.  Needlepoint on the other hand is pretty calming for me due to the repetitive motions, so I've been doing that.

Anyway, my numbers haven't changed....

Used this Week: 0 yards
Used Year to Date: 7.35 yards

Added this Week: 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 0 yards

Net Used for 2010: 7.35 yards

I've been very good and haven't bought any fabric so I'm definitely on my way towards my goal of using more fabric than I buy. :-)  That's not to say I haven't been tempted, but I'm making a concerted effort to stay away from the fabric store unless I absolutely need something to finish a quilt.

How is everyone else doing??

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YarnKettle said...

Well mine is not quilting but knitting. I've had an unofficial limit of no more than one sweater's worth of yarn at a time, so last week I finished D's sweater so I went and bought yarn for a sweater for me. (sigh)
And recently I set a limit of no more than 20 pairs of socks worth of sock yarn. Yep I can only buy one more pair of socks yarn right now. I need to learn to knit faster or want less. I agree with the repetitive motion being a calming de-stressor. Works well for me too.