Thursday, April 29, 2010

Garbage Day -- the Aftermath

I forgot to take pictures when I first came home, but let me tell you...after the wind today it was a mess.  Someone had kindly put the lid to our garbage can up by the house, but the garbage can itself was a good 400 200 feet from the house and I had to dig around through some pricker bushes to retrieve the recycling bin.

The sad part is... take a look at the nice photo below from a few years ago (our rose garden with the white obelisk in the middle).

Rose Garden

The obelisk didn't make it through the wind today.  It had taken some damage last fall from some stupid kids who decided to rip it out of the ground, bust one of the legs and take the top off.  We had managed to repair it a bit and stuck it in the ground.  This past winter, one of the plows was trying to get done REALLY fast and they went flying down our hill and throw the heavy, wet icky stuff at the edges of the road 15 feet onto our property and a chunk of ice took out part of the obelisk.  So with both episodes weakening the obelisk, the wind today was just too much for it.  The wind knocked it right over and broke one of the other legs.    So now we'll have to figure out something else for the climbing rose to climb on this year and we're going to have to do it quickly before it gets too big.

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