Thursday, May 27, 2010

Busy as a Bee

Suprise...Surprise....Things got busy again and the blog suffers.  We've also been having some internet and computer issues at home which has prevented me from posting in the evenings.  So what's new??

  1. The well truck is on our lot and ready to start drilling.  Its been there since the 21st and there's nothing more than a 18" starter hole (at least as of Tuesday evening).  I'm not sure why the guy hasn't started drilling yet.  One would think that you wouldn't leave your truck unattended on someone's property for that long.  Hopefully they will really start drilling soon!
  2. The septic tests are complete.  They came back about as good as you can get it, so we're definitely happy with that.
  3. We've been trying to figure out where to place the house on the lot.  I look at the lot and how the land is layed out and I can visualize where the house should be such that we use the best part of the lot for the backyard.  Rich tries to measure everything and wants to try to line the house up with the property lines (everything has to be straight you know... ;-)  ).  Thankfully, our builder is of the same philosphy as me.  The house doesn't have to be "straight" to anything, its just how it looks on the land.  Straightness is just perception when you actually get back into the woods.  We'll figure it out once we get the well drilled and tested and we start clearing the trees out a bit.
  4. Because it sometimes takes us FOREVER to make a decision, we've been trying to look at things like siding color and wood floor choices now.  We figure if we can narrow it down to a few choices now, then we have a better shot of making a decision later.
  5. We did have an open house last weekend.  We had one woman who came in and loved the house and yard.  The only problem is that she's definitely into Feng Shui.  So she was concerned about the direction of the house relative to the sun and that there were other houses "higher" than ours.  She had some WEIRD comments due to the Feng Shui aspect.  If she's going to be that picky, she might as well move to Mt. Everest and build her house there.  Then she can have it face whatever direction she wants and she'll be the highest house.  Nedless to say...we don't think we'll get an offer from her.
  6. I'll be traveling for work a lot in the next few weeks.  I have a trip to Maine from June 8th to June 11th.  Then I have a trip over to the UK from June 13th to June 19th.  When I get home ont he 19th...I'm going to be SO glad to be home.  I won't want to travel for another year...but I already know that I have to take another trip in the fall.
I think that hits all the big least for now.  There's another issue that I'm "grappling" with right now, but that's just having to make another career decision.  Nothing major there. ;-)  I'll elaborate more in a bit once I get my thoughts straight.

Hope everyone else is enjoying the summer weather we've been having!

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