Friday, May 14, 2010

Another Friday...

Despite my best intentions to try to post everyday, this week has been awful!  I looked at my blog this morning and I haven't posted anything in an entire week.

This week has been somewhat crazy because I had visitors in from our manufacturing plant in Maine.  They were up for a quality workout from Tuesday until yesterday.  I had no free time between 7:30am and about 4pm, at which time the manufacturing folks left for the end of their day and I spent from 4 until about 5:30 trying to catch up on all the emails that I didn't get to during the day.  The manufacturing folks were hourly people and since we were starting at 7:30am, they were done with their 8 hour day at 4pm and there was nothing we could do to keep them here later...they were gone.  Sometimes I think it must be nice to be able to work your 8 hours and just leave.  That doesn't EVER happen for me.  As it stands, its 11:30 on Friday morning, I've worked more than 40 hours at this point, and I can guarantee that I won't be leaving the office before 3:30 or 4 this afternoon.  Oh well.....

So things have been exciting for us this week in terms of the land we're buying.  The land is contingent upon a well being dug (and getting good water).  The well driller originally told us he had a month and a half backlog and he wouldn't get to us until sometime in late June.  However, because our builder has worked with the well driller lots of times previously (and more in the future) we were moved up the list and we're getting our well in next week! ;-)  Yay, Todd (our builder)!  We're pretty excited and hopefully we'll get a good flow rate and the water won't have any weird bugs and junk in it.

Monday we're meeting with Todd to review where to put the driveway and he's going to stake out where the house and driveway should be.  We plan to do a lot of the clearing ourselves, so once we know where things will be (and that the well is good) we'll start spending our time up there cutting trees down.

On the quilting front, I finished all 120 HST's for Shine on Bayou Cane and I'm starting on the QSTs.  I'll have some pictures this weekend of the sections already completed on the quilt.  I also have to start planning another baby quilt for a friend is who is due around November.  Any suggestions on patterns??

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