Friday, July 2, 2010

July Goals

UPDATE: Added item 6 by popular demand. ;-)

Sometimes I feel that if I post my goals on here, I kind of feel accountable to someone other than myself.  Work and life sometimes get in the way of my quilting/crafting goals, but that's just how things are.  In an attempt to yet again revitalize my blogging (I should be better now that I won't be traveling again until the fall), I'm going to post some goals for July.

  1. Post at least weekly on the blog.
  2. Finish trimming and pressing all the quarter-square-triangles for Shine on Bayou Cane quilt.
  3. Upload pictures from my trip to England.
  4. Read 3 books. (starting out small here ;-)  )
  5. Finish up the current page on the Starry Night needlepoint pattern (there are 25 pages total and I've finished pages 1-9).
  6. Get together with friends for TEA!! :-)
I'm just going to post 5 things this month and see how I do.  Hopefully I'll get all of those things done!

Now...for a quick update on the land purchase.....  We were supposed to close on the property on Wednesday, June 30th.  We were ready....the other person wasn't.  So the closing was moved to 4:30 on Thursday, July 1st.  As of this morning, the lawyer's office STILL hasn't received the Satisfaction of Mortgage paperwork from the woman who holds the current mortgage on the property.  The woman mailed it out on Monday via REGULAR mail!  One would think that you would overnight (or at least use registered mail) for a legal document!  So while we are ready to close and have our bank checks (have had them since Wednesday), we're still waiting for the paperwork for the mortgage. 

Oddly enough, our agent (in her desperation to close the deal) had the gall to ask us if we wanted to assume the mortgage!  Heck no!!  So we're waiting for the paperwork.  Hopefully it will arrive today.  We're tentatively scheduled for a 2pm closing, but we won't know if the paperwork arrives until about 1pm this afternoon.  I despise people who aren't prepared for big things like this!

I'll give an update later today on the status of whether we are proud landowners or more irritated potential buyers. ;-)

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YarnKettle said...

How about adding getting together with friends for tea? Can that go on your list too? I will put it on my list if you do :)
Plus then you can show off your great London pictures.