Thursday, July 1, 2010

Still Alive....

I'm still alive here...for the time being.  The past month has been SO crazy that I didn't even realize that its been a month since I last posted here.  While we haven't sold our house yet, we're hopefully going to be closing the deal on our land in another day or so.  All the preliminary tests came back good, so we are happy with it and want to purchase the property.  At this point its just a case where the other attorney needs to get his act in gear and realize that we are ready to close...especially since the contract officially ended yesterday (we're waiting on some paperwork from the other attorney to make sure there won't be any liens against the land).

On the work front...its been absolutely INSANE!  Here's the rundown:
  • June 8-11th -- I traveled to our manufacturing facility in Maine.  It was a productive trip, but as usual, it got me a little behind in my work.
  • June 13th-19th -- I traveled to Durham University in the United Kingdom for a training class for work.  Seeing as it was my first trip overseas, I was a little bit nervous about it.  I have a ton of pictures and had a good time over there.  I didn't have a ton of time to do sight-seeing, but at least got some done.
  • Since I've been back, my workload has of the 3 local engineers in my group decided to move to another group.  So for our team we have 2 local engineers and about 10 in India & Mexico.  Unfortunately, the other local engineer here is tied up 100% with a certain project, so I'm pretty much left with everything else.  So I'm now working 2 New Technology projects, 3 full turbine designs (2 of them have design schedules lining right up next to each other which is driving me nuts), drawing quality initiatives, corrective action board activities, and design article activities.  Basically its like doing 3 engineering jobs in one...and only getting paid for one.
Hope everyone else is still doing ok....I'm sure I've lost some blog readers since I haven't written on here in so long.

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