Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New House - Property

On July 2nd, we finally closed on the property that we were trying to buy.  We had the septic tests completed earlier this summer and paid to have a well dug.  Thankfully, the well proved to be a good producer and we have clean, potable water at 9 gallons per minute (local code is 3 gallons per minute for a residential home).  We're so excited to finally have our land that we're going to put our house onto!

Before we did anything with the land, our first stop was to Lowe's to get some No Trespassing signs.  We've seen deer stands on the property along with lots of deer footprints.  We know that people hunt there during hunting season, but now that we own it....we don't want ANYONE hunting on our property.  For starters we just put signs up in the front, but later this summer (before hunting season in the fall) we'll put up signs in the back so that people know its private property.


The piece of property is in Charlton, NY which is about 20 minutes west of Albany and a little bit north.  Its a very pretty area and most of it is agricultural (no - we don't mind the smell of farm animals).  The property is just over 16 acres and its all wooded.  The majority of the trees in the front 1000 ft of the lot are Cherry, with some maple and birch mixed in.  Towards the back of the lot, the trees are more pine trees, but there's still some hardwoods back there.  There's also a stream/creek that flows through the back of the property.

There's a "road" that goes into the property mainly from us getting the well truck in there.  We had to have our builder put a culvert over a wet area to make sure that the well truck wouldn't get stuck.  There was a cleared "path" before, which we think was from when the logged the property MANY years ago.  So here's the views as you walk into the property:

Walking in right at the front

About 50 feet in
About 100 ft in

About 200 ft in

About 350 ft in

Our nice little well :-)

Looking down the final curve to the house area

You can barely see the stone wall (where the sun peaks through).  That's where the front of the cleared area will start.  The house is about 30-40 feet back from the wall.

Standing at the wall looking in towards where the house will be.  Unfortunately, that nice big tree in the front will have to be taken down.

See that wood pile on the left....that's now completely moved.  A bunch of the trees are taken down, too.  That whole area is bathed in sunlight most of the day now.

More of the wood pile ;-)

The happy lot owners! ;-)  Sorry about the picture being fuzzy - I didn't let the camera focus long enough.  I didn't know how long Rich would sit still for the photo.

And the stream at the back of the lot.  This is with very little rain.  Once we get more rain (and in the spring time) there is a lot of water in the streambed.


Butch Demmons said...

I'm so jelous and happy for you two at the samtime. It looks like a place for a dream home. I hope you both enjoy getting away to you new house once it is complteted.

teletypeturtle said...

it's so nice ! :) I'm happy for you Sarah!