Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July Goals - Progress Update #2

I've made a little bit of progress on my goals this month, though not nearly what I would have like so far.  Here we go:

  1. Post at least weekly on blog.  So far I've posted 7 times (including this one), so I'm well on my way to meeting this goal.
  2. Finish pressing and trimming all QSTs for Shine on Bayou Cane quilt.  Haven't made much progress here.  I did get all the HSTs pressed, but I now have to trim half of them, and then re-sew the two halfs into QSTs.
  3. Upload pictures from England.  DONE!
  4. Read 3 books.  DONE!  I've finished two Harry Potter books and "A Proper Pursuit" by Lynn Austin.  I'm now working on "Under the Lemon Trees" by Bhira Backhaus.
  5. Finish up page 10 on Starry Night needlepoint.  DONE!  I'm now about 10-15% done with page 11 (only 14 more to go).  ;-)
  6. Get together with friends for TEA.  Haven't made much progress on this one.  It seems like our schedules are pretty full, so its been tough to find a good time to meet.  Two more weeks to get this done! ;-)
Overall, I wish I could get some more quilting done.  I think part of my issue is that I don't really enjoy trimming blocks for quilting.  Its just time consuming and I don't see a lot of progress being made when all I'm doing is trimming.  However, I do need to get moving on the quilting front!  I have two baby quilts that I have to make by the end of the year.  I have the pattern and colors picked out for one of them, so I just need to order the fabric and get started.  Its bad that I haven't even wanted to order fabric.  I think I'm just in a quilting funk right now. ;-(

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