Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Things that make you go "huh?"....

Being the dutiful wife, Sunday I washed all the clothes, towels and other things for the week.  After drying the dark load of wash, I started folding it and came across this:


I have no idea how that happened!  Those are both the exact same socks (I only have one pair that have the little purple squares).  How the heck did one get to be 5 inches longer than the other??!!!  I think the only thing that didn't get stretched out are the diamond shapes.

The other week we had a showing for the house (yes - we're STILL trying to the Albatross).  In cleaning up, we found a bag that had a bottle of Clorox2 tipped over in it.  Neither of us had noticed that it had fallen over (or we would have picked it up).  A feeling of dread went through me when I realized that the bag was wet as I picked it up.....the bottle had leaked.....right on the hardwood floors.

Since we were scrambling to clean the place for a showing the next morning (during the work week), we didn't really have time to figure out a "proper" fix.  This was my husband's solution:


"What is he doing?" you may ask....why he's coloring the floor!  He decided the "quick fix" would be to take the colored pencils and color the grooves where the Clorox2 bleached the floor. 


We were tempted to call his sister and have her bring her 2-year-old down and help, but we didn't think she'd appreciate us teaching Allie how to color on the floor.


Surprsingly, the colored pencils did the job and you can't tell that the wood in the grooves between the boards is a little different in color.  Thankfully, its not in a highly traveled area (especially since the Clorox2 took some of the finish off the floor).  Now we just have to keep trying to sell the house.

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