Friday, January 14, 2011

EBay Quilt Top

I've always had trouble taking one of my own quilt tops and testing out new quilting techniques on it.  There's something about putting all the effort into a top and then potentially messing it up because of bad quilting.  However, there's only one way to get better at quilting...and that's to do it.  So instead of using one of my own quilt tops, I purchased a 53x54 quilt top off eBay.  With shipping, I paid less than $15 for the top shown below.


It looks like a cute and fun quilt top.  I can add borders to it to make it a little bigger, but I could just leave it alone at 53x54.  I may add a 6" border to it (of possibly 2 border to add up to 6 or 8") to make it about 60x60.  I can use stash for both the border and the backing (yeah for stash busting) and since I didn't put a lot of time into making this myself, I'm hoping I'll have an easier time trying out something different for the quilt top.  Time will tell.... ;-)

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