Friday, January 28, 2011

Picture Perfect

It seems that I'm into a book reading trend right now.  I've finished 3 books in 3 weeks now....mainly because I'm reading during my lunchtime at work.  It helps me to get my mind off work for 45 minutes and to not be looking at the computer screen.

The most recent book I finished was called "Picture Perfect" by Jodi Picoult.  This was one of Jodi's earlier books in her career.  It didn't have quite the punch and drama twists that her newer books have, but it was still very good.  For some reason, which I'm not really sure why, this book seemed to hit closer to home than her books usually do.  If you've read any of Jodi's books, they always tug at the heart strings and usually make you think very differently about the way the world can work.

This particular book is about a relationship that seems like its perfect in every way to the public.  Its a story of a unknown anthropologist falling in love with a big movie star and becoming married.  Their relationship starts out really well, but then every once in a while, the husband shows a streak of anger and violence.  It starts with just a few shoves when he got angry, then the shoves turned to smacks and kicking.  The wife would make excuses and the husband would always apologize once he realized what he had done.

While I have never been in that type of situation (thank, God), I can imagine how a woman could easily get into that type of situation.  The wife loved her husband so much and knew that if she left him, she would cause him more pain and hurt, which she couldn't bring herself to do.  Only when another person got involved did she actually get the courage to leave. 

I'm not quite sure why this one seems to bother me a bit more than the others, but while it was a good read, it was also a little disturbing.  I guess its because I could potentially see myself in that type of situation and not having the courage to leave.  I know I never have to worry about being in that situation, which makes me grateful, but none the less, it was a slightly disturbing read.

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YarnKettle said...

The two books of hers I've read have dealt more with a family dynamic, parents dealing with children and children dealing with parents. Maybe you identify more with this one because it dealt with the dynamic that you have at home, husband and wife.
Sometimes books just hit us differently than if we read them at a different time. But I am sure you know that too.
It is nice to come home at night and not worry if you're going to get beat up, isn't it?