Thursday, May 5, 2011

Multi-tasking in Quilting

Over on Jill's blog, she posted a question about whether we multi-task when quilting or if we do one project at a time.

I usually do multi-task when quilting.  While I don't have 5 projects going at one time, like some other quilters, I usually have at least 2 going at once.  I typically have my "focus" project where I spend most of my quilting time.  This is usually a project where I have a deadline or its just something I really want to work on.  In order to "force" myself to finish a project, I won't let myself start another project until this one is done.

However, at the same time of having my "focus" project going, I use 2.5" squares to start/stop my sewing for the "focus" project.  These kind of follow Bonnie's "leaders and enders" philosophy.  The 2.5" squares are going into a scrap quilt and I really like having this going because I don't have to think when I piece these.  Some days when I can't really get my mind to focus on completely a project or following specific directions, I'll pick up a bunch of 2.5" squares and just sew those together.  Here's a picture from a few months ago...I only had 9 "blocks" made... I now have over 25 blocks made.


I was surprised at how quickly I was able to make up a ton of blocks without even trying.  I like having the somewhat "mindless" project to do while working on more complex projects.

I also always have a cross-stitch project on-going while I'm doing quilting.  That way if I want to just watch TV or do some hand-work, I always have something I can do.  Below is a picture of the project I have going right now.


This picture is from the end of March and I've now finished that "page" completely and I'm working on the last row of the pattern.  I think overall, the picture is about 16" x 20" when its finished.

Ultimately, I try to set goals for myself in order to keep myself going on certain quilting projects.  Sometimes I start a project and then get bored or frustrated with it and I try to find a "better" project.  When I do find something that I REALLY want to make, I tell myself that I can start it once I get the previous project done.  That way I look forward to finishing the current project so that I can start the next one.  It tends to keep my UFO list pretty short.


Deanna said...

Such self control! I do like your scrap blocks. Leader-Ender projects are just enough to keep me moving, too.

Hanswife said...

wonderful cross stitch I have that print in several mediums and until recently it was my screen saver. I LOVE that you can just sew blocks at random. I also use my L/E's to sew when the MOJO is weak.