Thursday, June 2, 2011


I've been meaning to get more exercise lately.  I've put on some weight over the past 2-3 years and its definitely past time to get rid of it!  Now that we're in the "country", there are a ton of roads near us that are great for biking.  Depending upon which direction I head out of our rental house, I can get a different type of workout.

South -- fairly flat, but with a few small hills
East/West - pretty flat, but some small, long distance rises
North -- LOTS of hills!

While out last weekend, we decided to get bikes.  Below is the picture of my new bike. :-)

We had to order the bike for R. since they didn't have his size at the store.  We were still able to get a sale price on it though. 

So far, I've ridden pretty much every day since Saturday.  I didn't ride on Monday since it was a really busy day with chores and stuff around the house and I didn't ride last night as I got home late from work and we needed to go look at the lot.

Tonight, I plan on a nice long ride.  Its windy today, but its much cooler (the high is only 62).  I think it will be good weather for a nice ride after work. :-)

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YarnKettle said...

D is excited to have some biking buddies, so we need to get together one of these weekends. I am not much for distance but maybe I will bring a chair and knit while ya'll finish your ride.
Oh yeah bike shorts will be a very good friend to you. You feel silly wearing them at first but trust me they help.